Sedation Nursing - A personal account

Sedation Nursing - A personal account

Michelle Holsgrove (Dental Team Education Centre Lead Assessor) - Past candidate & Sedation Dental Nurse

I have been a sedation qualified nurse for 13 years, working mainly within the Paediatric Dental Department and Community Special Care Dentistry.

I started on the Paediatric department in July 1999 and was enrolled in the Sedation Course here at King’s and qualified in sedation a year later. My main role was to assist undergraduate dentists with Inhalation sedation (formerly Relative Analgesia, RA).

After four years I left and joined the Department of Community Special Care Dentistry. There the role and patients became more challenging. Patients either had severe phobias and/or special needs. This was my first real experience of Intra venous and Intra Nasal Sedation. I embraced it fully as it was a fascinating position and there was never a dull moment. The clinicians were very specialised, patient and lovely to work with. This role was extremely hard work though you could not help but find this department and its patients totally rewarding.

After three years I returned to the paediatric dental department as this was where my heart was. The world of Paediatric Sedation had evolved and was not just Inhalation Sedation. It had now embraced new techniques that were mainly to improve patient experience and reduce the need for General Anaesthetic. Paediatric Sedation now consists of Inhalation Sedation, Intravenous Sedation, Oral Sedation and Intra Nasal Sedation. This is a massively challenging but rewarding and interesting role. We sedate children as young as 12 months (usually nursing caries or trauma) up to 18 years. We have an amazing array of staff who are all either specialised in Paediatric Dentistry and/or Sedation.

Any nurse thinking of working in the Sedation field would benefit from this course taught here at King’s. It gives you the knowledge and teaches you the key skills needed for this type of nursing. Candidates are supported fully and tutors work hard to help them through.

Article date - August 2013.

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