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Oral Health Education - A personal account

Ever thought of becoming an Oral Health Educator (OHE) or wondering about what the course involves? We asked some of our present and past candidates what they thought about OHE and this is what they said.

Joanne Kenny - Enrolled on our OHE course September 2012

I chose to train to become an oral health educator at King’s College Hospital as it’s the best training centre in London. My colleague also qualified as an OHE at King’s so I had heard nothing but good feedback.

I knew that there was a lot of work, time and effort needed to complete the course but didn’t realise the intensity of the course. The amount of knowledge that you are given by the tutors in one lesson is incredible and so 100% attendance is vital to stay on track, as is completing log sheets after seeing patient on time and doing essays and assignments on time.

The tutors are very helpful, supportive and approachable and always willing to offer their experiences, explanations, reassurance and general support along the way and are always only an email away.

Since I have been training to become an OHE I have become a much more confidant dental nurse, and although I have not sat my exam yet, I have begun to apply my knowledge in my surgery with the supervision of the dentist.

Once I have qualified I’m looking forward to delivering the message of better oral health to help those that need it but wouldn’t usually ask for it. I also want to bring the message to care homes of the elderly who so often get forgotten, and would lead a much better quality of life with the advice.

Bronagh Rowlands - Enrolled on our September 2012 course

The course has a real mix of lectures, practical sessions, classroom discussions and presentations. I found the lecturers equipped us very comprehensively with what we would need to be effective Oral Health Educators. They are very approachable and make the learning relaxed, fun and informative. Self motivation and willingness to research around topics are essential in order to succeed on the course.

Amy Brown - Oral Health Educator - Past Candidate

My name is Amie Brown and I’m an Oral Health Educator at King’s in London. I’ve been in this role for the last 3 years and prior to this I was, and still am, a qualified dental nurse.

Training for my current role took place at the Dental Team Education Centre at King’s for one year. The course was a mix of classroom, clinical and course work based study ending in an exam.

On a typical day I see eight patients ranging from families with young children to teenagers, who have been referred to me via the consultants and specialist paediatric dentists on my department. On checking their medical history and initial assessment form, I advise on brushing technique, diet, and in some cases referral services to quit smoking. It could be as simple as using adult fluoride toothpaste instead of children’s toothpaste, or swapping juice for plain milk, but nevertheless it is extremely rewarding to see a patient progress over time.

Other than being rewarding I enjoy the variety of my role and the challenge of difficult patients set in their bad habits.

I would defiantly recommend the role for its job satisfaction but there are even more development pathways to progress along, for example I have recently passed the fluoride application course.

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