Online NEBDN National Diploma Course

This month's focus is on the Online NEBDN National Diploma Course provided via our Virtual Learning Environment. The course is accredited by the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) and has been since its inception in 2009. To meet the needs of the new style examination set by NEBDN the course currently consists of online modules, tutor support, close links with designated workplace mentors, mock written examinations and OSCE's as well as support during the completion of the NEBDN eROE.

Online Modules

The modules are provided according to the course calendar provided in the course induction and consist of interactive presentations and voiceovers as well as downloadable teaching resources. The modules have been designed by dental professionals with years of teaching experience in a specialist dental teaching hospital.

Tutor Support

Students are allocated a personal tutor throughout the course. They are given the opportunity to meet the tutor and build a relationship with them during the face to face induction day. The tutor will provide support and feedback throughout the training programme and will monitor your progress in co-operation with your allocated workplace mentor

"The tutor was brilliant and motivated us throughout the course. When things got tough she was available and responded quickly to any queries we had"

Workplace Mentors

The provision of a workplace mentor is a compulsory part of the course. Employers must designate someone in the workplace to provide support to the student throughout their training and allow them the time to carry out their mentor duties effectively. Mentors must attend the face to face induction to ensure that the support they give is relevant and appropriate. The course tutor will contact the mentor frequently throughout the course to provide them with support and to assist in monitoring the student progress.

Mock Examinations

As well as providing exam style questions throughout the course students are invited to attend two mock examinations during the course. Provision of these mock days is included in the course fee and will consist of a mock written papers (designed according to the NEBDN National Diploma) and mock OSCE examinations designed to give the students ample preparation for the experience of the real thing. The thorough exam preparations contribute to our 100% success rate in the final examination.

"The support from kings was brilliant especially the practice mock exams"

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